It’s hard to explain what compels us, and why, but if we could explain it, maybe it wouldn’t be compelling at all.

Tonight I find myself in a place I’ve been oddly drawn to for a year. The first time I saw a photo, I knew it was the right place for me. I had to come.

Motovun is a small village, population “500-ish.” The 2001 census puts it at 593, but people come, people go.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s a medieval town with Venetian fortifications in the 13th/14th century. Walls surround the top, and tomorrow, luck willing, I’ll wake in time for a walk around the walls as the sun rises.

Tonight I feel the peace I thought I’d feel. Despite only 2.5 hours sleep last night, and the clock striking 9:00pm, I’m writing. I have every excuse to not do so, but I want to, which tells me the rumours of this place being special for creativity are fully true.

I’m here until the 30th, then off to Portugal. I hope this place can be everything I need it to be. I hope I can share a lot of that with you. Centuries of magic are in the making here, and if I’m lucky, that energy will find me — and find me quickly.

Here are a few photos from my drive here today. Much, much more will come. This place — the place I so far have most wanted to see in my life. Odd, that.


Sunset from my apartment.

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